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About Us

Welcome to Motley Goods. Designed in San Francisco, built for the urban adventure.

We take great pride, in making objects that are worth owning.

After a couple years hiatus Motley goods is returning summer of 2019 with our best backpack ever. We can't wait to show it to you. 

With designs born from the streets of San Francisco, Motley Goods takes its inspiration from products that were built before the age of planned obsolescence. We combine a classic minimalist style with strength through superior materials and construction.

Motley Goods was started in 2012 in my bedroom with one idea, to make a great backpack that was made to last. 5 Years and thousands of bags sold around the world later, I had opened co-working art studios and retail shops in San Francisco but I needed a break. I could no longer make them all myself and I was burned out. 

Fast forward 2 years and Motley Goods is back, and better then ever! We've partnered with a manufacturer that upholds the quality and design of our bags to the highest degree, and makes products that I can honestly say are better then those I made myself. I am so excited for this next chapter to be able to bring our designs to even more people. 

Thank you for visiting Motley Goods, and for supporting small business.

 -Cleveland Motley