Treasure Island Music Festival

October 19, 2012

This weekend we got the chance to set up our first pop-up shop at Treasure Island Music Festival with Kelly Malone and the Workshop SF team at their killer craft tent, Camp DIY. We had a blast and met some awesome folks over the festival – especially our neighboring vendors, Indosole and Amos Goldbaum

The fun started on Friday after a quick stop at Building Resources to pick up a few candelabra lamps (we had a hunch they would make good fixtures for displaying our backpacks). We had a few lovely volunteers help us construct a vertical display rack and watched the Workshop and our good friend, Katie Gong, of R Design, work magic on the Camp DIY tent, making photo booth backdrops, tee pees, tents, benches and – our favorite – scrap wood trees. 

Good times all around. We're thrilled to have enjoyed some amazing music, met some fans of our work – and received enough orders that we'll be busy all week – if not all month!  Here are a few more shots of some of this weekend's highlights from our vantage point. We loved Porter Robinson's set. Definitely give him a listen if you haven't already. 

Check out more of the fun and our sexy photos of leather, corder and good looking people who like our bags on our instagram feed.